Jiwa Penuh Chenta

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Dose of 'Forget'

Do not think of him
And your love will dim.
You might suffer for now
But sadness WILL take a bow.

Heart broken bleeds red.
Tears continue to be shed.

One day when you least expect
Your heart will again correct.

Throbs no mor...e when we meet
Able to smile at you so sweet.

My heart is once again mine
No longer with yours intertwined.
Corners of your heart are not empty
I can see she occupies it completely.

A hitch in your breath;
A skip of your heart;
Whenever she's near.
Just like mine once did my dear..

Now I fly you a goodbye kiss.
May it keep u safe and let danger amiss.

With her you share your love and weaknesses
So now my love..
I pray for your happiness..

p/s copy paste from allan malan.. semoga ko halalkan ia....

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